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A place for free technology that matters

Cultivation Space is a work space where activists, journalists and artists meet to work on projects for the common good. We rely on donations and take no profit.

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Cultivation Space interior

What to expect



Work on your projects in the coworking space or use the two meeting rooms or the soundproof telephone booths. When the weather is nice, you can relax in the garden.



Share your experiences with fellow community members involved in open source, policy making, and everything in between.



We are hosted by Tech Cultivation and ExRotaprint, both German gGmbH non-profits. We rely solely on donations.


Hacking the New Normal

Hacker- and makerspaces are melting pots of people from different countries, with different backgrounds and experiences, though different risk assessments concerning Covid-19 are now adding to the challenge of getting such a diverse community to work together.

The demand for these spaces remains high and highlighted the importance of the social aspect of in-person gatherings.

Where to find us

Cultivation Space
Gottschedstrasse 4
exRotaprint Aufgang 4
13357 Berlin

Please introduce yourself first by sending an email to the mailing list and we can figure out when you want to visit the space. Please note that we have no staff and we can't guarantee any opening times for the space.

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Cultivation Space founded?

The Cultivation Space was originally founded in 2015 as Onion Space, a community space for the Tor Project, also known as Zwiebelfreunde e.V.. Over the years, various other communities and individuals used the space, which was not limited to Tor activities. Therefore, in early 2022, we changed our name to Cultivation Space.

Why ExRotaPrint in Wedding?

The premises of ExRotaprint have been our home from the beginning. Its structure and environment allow us to maintain our open door policy and fits perfectly with our values. You can easily reach ExRotaPrint by public transport (U9 Nauener Platz or S 41/42 & U6 Wedding).

Can I become a member?

We do not currently offer memberships. If you want to join the Cultivation Space, contact us by email. This is an open space for sharing. That said, please familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct, which applies in our space (both physical and virtual). People who rely on the space and have been vetted by the community will be given an RFID key to access the space.

Do you have drinks and snacks?

We make sure that the fridge and snack bar are filled and have a donation box for this. If you have any special requests, please talk to us so that we can take them into account for the next order. There will of course be coffee and tea.

What amenities does the space provide?

Up to 18 people can work in the workroom. We also have two meeting rooms with TV and video conferencing and podcast equipment, a projector and a screen. Two soundproofed and ventilated telephone booths (one for one person and one for 2-4 people) provide an additional environment for telephone and video calls. Our kitchen is equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and a not-so-fancy coffee maker. The unisex bathroom also offers a shower.

How much does it cost?

It’s up to you. The Cultivation Space is financed exclusively by donations and grants. We need less money than other coworking spaces because we don’t make a profit. If you appreciate the workspace, you should donate so we can keep paying the rent. If you are not sure how much you can donate, please contact us.

I want to organize an event at the space, how does it work?

Please contact us via and let us know the details of the event and if and how much you can donate to cover the cost of the room. We can then arrange a date.


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